7MA(Guizhou) Network Technology Co. Ltd.

Guizhou 7ma Network Technology Co., Ltd., short for 7ma Network, was established in August 2014 in Tongren, Guizhou, one of the first batch of experimental cities of national smart cities, where enjoys the good reputation of the pure land and the land of Peach Blossoms, and is a link connecting South China and the southwest. At present, there are more than 40 core team members in 7ma Network. With creating domestic quality games as its own mission, 7ma Network is committed to provide the users with the happiest interactive entertainment experience. Relying on high and new technology and creative design ability, and unique 7ma spirit of 7ma employees, 7ma Network creates popular online games.

7ma Network's founding partners come from leading internet companies in China, and have more than 5 years of experience in game development and operation. Before the establishment, 7ma Network has successfully designed and developed a variety of large-scale 2DMMORPG games, so it has a deep understanding of the industry, and is proficient in game development management and risk control, has accumulated a lot of experience achievement in the core research and development field of traditional client games, mobile phone games and platform casual games, and has integrated industry experience in game design and development, project management, and product operation.

We publish independently developed games and games that we have get sole agency right from the third party. We have professional keen sense of smell to identify the most popular game types, and strictly select agent games, and we require that the quality of the agent games is similar to that of the games we independently developed. We have enormous potential for business success. We will work closely with the agent game developer and utilize our experience and practical market knowledge, improve game process and rhythm and monetization strategy.

Although 7ma Network is not large, we can bear a heavy load. 7ma employees are diligent, steadfast, and hardworking. Now 7ma employees are proceeding in the game wave and are committed to make 7ma Network the most excellent interactive entertainment business in China with unique 7ma spirit.